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Universal Cleaner and Protectant has been applied to a wide variety of vehicles and buildings, both inside and out. This highly practical and efficient, yet sustainable green technology was developed to meet every requirement of commercial fleets and facilities.

Diverse high performance uses of Universal range from race cars, new automobile dealers and large trucks to graphite shafted, tacky gripped golf driving clubs and long distance, spin controlled golf balls.

Clean and protect in HD with Universal high definition cleaner/protectant. In over twenty years of research, it has been upgraded regularly and will always be the most well proven, up-to-date and cost effective product possible.

Cleaning and maintenance in food service, custodial, retail, medical, optical, sports, automotive, trucking, rail, marine shipping, industrial, high tech and many other applications may be made substantially more efficient by adding Universal Cleaner and Protectant with no change in equipment, actually reduces labor and it is very inexpensive to use. This cleaner/protectant is compatible with all other coatings and cannot build-up or discolor.

Use of Universal alone with reverse osmosis filtered, deionized or distilled water allows virtually spot free rinsing after cleaning and facilitates cloth application. Unlike products containing ammonia, solvents or other harsh ingredients, Universal cleans, protects and antistatics less durable surfaces gently and may be applied combined with other mild cleaners achieving that requisite squeaky clean while actually reducing wear and adding longevity to vinyl seating, table tops, counters, floors, etc. Cleaning strength may be fine tuned by application combined in water with the full spectrum of reliable cleaning products already in use.

Households as well as commercial fleets and facilities require the same high standard of performance always delivered by Universal Cleaner and Protectant.

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