Cleans, Protects
and Antistatics


Universal Cleaner and Protectant cleans, protects and antistatics in one step and for all purposes, enhancing appearance and longevity of materials even in UV sunlight.

Clean and protect in HD with Universal high definition cleaner/protectant. It also anti-statics surfaces which reduces adherence of dust and makes subsequent cleanings easier. It is used by new car dealers and custodial services, on commercial fleets and facilities for all vehicles and buildings, inside and out, as well as in households.

Universal cleans safely for all materials, environment and users, protects longer, and is an easier alternative to a wide range of protectors including for cars all over, inside and out, fabrics, furniture and floors, as well as window and mild general purpose cleaners, fabric softeners and automatic dishwasher rinse agents.

Universal Cleaner and Protectant is inexpensive to apply and is very effective in preventing stains, corrosion and oxidation, and in extending appearance and usefulness of materials. Cleaning strength may also be fine tuned by application combined in water with the full spectrum of reliable cleaning products already in use.

Universal may be applied by hand sprayer, mop and truck brush, or any mechanical dispenser such as pressure washer, automated car wash, carpet shampooer, power floor scrubber and laundry washing machine.

Wring out microfiber, chamois or other cloth for dusting and other applications where brief exposure to moisture is required such as smart phones, tablets, computers, TV screens, desks and counter tops. Add to any water based cleaning system such as for windows, mirrors and floors to increase efficiency and enhance result.

Cleaning and maintenance in food service, retail, medical, optical, sports, automotive, trucking, rail, marine shipping, industrial, high technology and many other applications may be made substantially more efficient by adding Universal with no change in equipment and actually reduces labor.

Non-sudsing, environmentally safe Universal can significantly reduce or virtually eliminate waste water chemical runoff. This cleaner/protectant is compatible with all other coatings and cannot build-up or discolor. Use of Universal alone with reverse osmosis filtered, deionized or distilled water allows virtually spot free rinsing after cleaning and facilitates cloth application.

Universal Cleaner and Protectant cannot harm living plants. Containers may be recycled. Made in U.S.A.

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