Cleans, Protects
and Antistatics
16 Fluid Ounce
One Gallon
Universal Cleaner and Protectant cleans, protects and antistatics in one step and for all purposes, enhancing appearance and longevity of materials even in UV sunlight.

Clean and protect in HD with Universal high definition cleaner/protectant. It also anti-statics surfaces which reduces adherence of dust and makes subsequent cleanings easier. It is used by new car dealers and custodial services, on commercial fleets and facilities for all vehicles and buildings, inside and out, as well as in households.

Experience the luxury of a new standard in precision for touch screens, clarity for optics and eyewear such as eyeglass and other lenses, durability and rich antistatic feel for surfaces.

When Universal Cleaner and Protectant is used alone with distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water, well rinsed cleaned surfaces dry virtually spotless and cloth application is also facilitated.

For consumer retail and wholesale, custom containers and commercial concentration sales:

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