Cleans, Protects
and Antistatics
Directions: Use one fluid ounce of Universal Cleaner and Protectant per two gallons of water.

Light blue color showing in water alone is all that is needed for applications requiring mild cleaner, or combine with any other cleaning chemicals allowing cleaning strength to be adjusted to fit all purposes.

Add the same amount of Universal per gallon of water with any detergent, bleach, degreaser or carpet shampoo. Add to wash cycle in laundry loads to extend life and colors, as well as soften fabrics. Mixed in water alone, rinsing is optional.

Universal Cleaner and Protectant is ideal for leather, fine fabrics (laundry, upholstery), glass (windows, eyeglasses), paint, plastic, vinyl, nylon, rubber, wood, fiberglass, ceramic and for the entire interior and exterior of all vehicles, such as on tinted windows, full automotive wraps, decals and carbon fiber surfaces, and buildings.

Universal Cleaner and Protectant may be applied by hand sprayer, mop and truck brush, or any mechanical dispenser such as pressure washer, automated car wash, carpet shampooer, power floor scrubber and laundry washing machine.

Wring out microfiber, chamois or other soft cloth for dusting and other applications where brief exposure to moisture is required such as smart phones, tablets, computers, TV and touch screens, desks, counter tops, eyeglasses and other lenses. Paper towels contain wood fiber which may scratch plastic lenses, use only recommended cleaning cloth.

Add Universal to any water based cleaning system such as for windows, mirrors and floors to increase efficiency and enhance result. Sprayed objects may be pre-dampened, re-rinsed or allowed to dry before actual cleaning with equal result.

Use of Universal alone with reverse osmosis filtered, deionized or distilled water allows virtually spot free rinsing after cleaning and facilitates cloth application.

This cleaner/protectant is compatible with all other coatings, cannot build-up or discolor, may be painted over directly and resists water spotting, sunlight (UV), dust and smoke.

Universal Cleaner and Protectant cannot harm living plants. Containers may be recycled. Made in U.S.A.
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